Vatican rebukes Bishop Williamson apology.

Las Vegas, NV —  coverscan1My book Artist’s Proof has a central theme of the stolen art of the Holocaust. I researched Pope Pius XII and the Vatican’s involvement in the Holocaust, the stories of the RAT LINE and many rumors of still missing paintings and artifacts thought to be hidden in Russia, South America and even in the tombs of Vatican City, Rome, Italy.

I am constantly reminded of how important the lessons of the Holocaust are, when almost daily I find yet another piece to the puzzle.

Today the Wall Street Journal reported the deported Bishop Richard Williamson, upon arriving in his native England from Argentina, was formally re-reprimanded by the Vatican while German authorities considered an arrest warrant on charges of  hate crimes based on his speeches and interviews with Swedish television.  Williamson has made repeated statements and written articles claiming the Jewish victims of the Holocaust were never gassed and that “only” 200,000-300,000 people were murdered, not 6 million.  

The response from the Vatican has been swift and unyielding. Excommunicated by the church, if Williamson is to have his excommunication lifted he first must admit his statements were wrong, and disavow himself of these Holocaust denier beliefs, according to Vatican representative Rev. Federico Lombardi.

The twisting tales surfacing around aspects of the Holocaust, memoirs written by Nazi guards and fake accounts by alleged survivors, continue to define the legacy of the artists, musicians, writers, dancers, singers and actors lost during World War II. Their stories are symbolized in the book: Artist’s Proof.


~ by Lander Marks on March 1, 2009.

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  1. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!


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